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Sampling gases and liquids for on-line and grab sample chemical analysis can be a major source of errors. Sampling errors up to several orders of magnitude in the concentrations of dissolved and suspended impurities have been observed when sample withdrawal, cooling, or transport is not properly performed. The old Multi-port Steam Sampling Nozzles are rarely used because of their complexity, cost, non-isokinetic characteristics, and problems with use in large pipes. A more appropriate and functional design was developed and the design and performance of these nozzles was verified in the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) research project RP2712-8. This design is now included in ASTM D1066, "Standard Practice for Sampling Steam". The EPRI Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles extract a representative isokinetic sample from a flow region away from the pipe ID wall and at the same flow velocity as the sample fluid. This arrangement results in the withdrawal of the sample with representative concentrations of dissolved, suspended, and volatile constituents.

Custom Specification & Ordering

Weld-in Nozzles


An appropriate Nozzle is designed for each application based on the pipe size, desired sample flow, and typical conditions of the sample fluid. The design also considers vortex shedding, resonance, vibration, erosion, and strength of the attachment to the pipe.


Flanged Nozzles


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